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haste 3
hastening 1
have 15
having 70
he 71
head 2
hear 3
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86 him
78 matthew
71 he
70 having
64 a
60 i
54 king

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| thee, Matthew! And Matthew having gazed upon Him, and not 2 Text| thou come hither to me, having left those who sing in paradise, 3 Text| endurance. ~And the child having said this, and given him 4 Text| thee alive. And Matthew, having laid his hands on each one 5 Text| manifest, Plato the bishop, having heard of the presence of 6 Text| with all the clergy; and having fallen to the ground, they 7 Text| also with him. And Matthew, having come to the gate of the 8 Text| forth from the root of it, having swimming and creeping things, 9 Text| country round about.~And having said this, and called upon 10 Text| and wonderful. For the rod having straightway shot up, increased 11 Text| of men; and after that, having gone into the church, you 12 Text| living and true God. And having done all these things, they 13 Text| likeness of Matthew; then, having thus gone into the church, 14 Text| orders to Plato; and he, having gone forth, baptized them 15 Text| Ghost. And so thereafter, having one into the church, they 16 Text| the apostle, many others having also come with them; and 17 Text| come, the blessed Matthew, having gone along with the bishop 18 Text| palace, the king Fulvanus, having learned what had been done 19 Text| And the blessed Matthew, having awoke, and sealed himself 20 Text| proceeded into the church; and having bent his knees, prayed earnestly. 21 Text| earnestly. Then the bishop having come, and the clergy, they 22 Text| children, to know, Jesus having declared it to me, that 23 Text| soldiers against me, the devil having entered into him, and manifestly 24 Text| put to flight by Matthew, having transformed himself into 25 Text| in thine eyes.~The king having heard this, and being the 26 Text| blessed Matthew four soldiers, having threatened them, and said: 27 Text| endure. And the soldiers, having been thus threatened by 28 Text| indeed, but saw no one. And having come, they said to the king: 29 Text| king, being enraged, and having blazed up like fire, gave 30 Text| the Lord Jesus Christ, having come in the likeness of 31 Text| out their eyes. And they, having cried out and thrown their 32 Text| that day. And the night having come, and he not being able 33 Text| that he might kill him. And having summoned two friends of 34 Text| craft of the tyrant, and having been warned also by the 35 Text| my sight. And the apostle having laid his hands upon his 36 Text| those who believe in him. Having laid him, therefore, on 37 Text| cover him over with paper, having smeared it with dolphins' 38 Text| the relics of the apostle. Having therefore come to the place, 39 Text| feet with long nails; and having done everything as they 40 Text| some of the executioners, having gone forth, said to the 41 Text| all points.~And Matthew, having looked up to heaven, cried 42 Text| receive my sight. And Matthew, having rebuked the fire, and the 43 Text| the fire, and the flames having been extinguished, and the 44 Text| extinguished, and the dragon having become invisible, stretching 45 Text| said: Peace to you! And having glorified the Lord, he went 46 Text| sixth hour.~Then the king, having ordered more soldiers to 47 Text| diseased persons and demoniacs, having only touched the bed, were 48 Text| garments came to meet him, having never-fading and golden 49 Text| soldiers carrying the bed. And having shut the doors, he ordered 50 Text| offering the holy bread; and having pressed three clusters from 51 Text| third day.~And the bishop having run into the church, and 52 Text| the Psalter of David, and having assembled the presbyters 53 Text| the hour of sunrise; and having ordered the one who was 54 Text| offering for Matthew; and having partaken for thanksgiving 55 Text| for Matthew.~And the king having seen these things from the 56 Text| great dining-room; only, having baptized me in it, communicate 57 Text| of Christ. And the bishop having prayed, and ordered him 58 Text| take off his clothes, and having examined him for a long 59 Text| for a long time, and he having confessed and wept over 60 Text| wept over what he had done, having sealed him, and anointed 61 Text| splendid garments, and so then having given praise and thanks, 62 Text| everlasting.~Then the king, having awakened out of sleep, and 63 Text| praised God.~And the king, having gone into his palace, broke 64 Text| kingdom, greeting. Christ having appeared upon earth, and 65 Text| appeared upon earth, and having saved the human race, the 66 Text| race. Whence, divine grace having shone abroad, and come even 67 Text| come even to us, and we having come to the knowledge of 68 Text| in the heavens. And you, having received this our decree, 69 Text| after him his son. And he, having said Peace to thee and all 70 Text| King Matthew succeeded him, having given up his kingdom willingly

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