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fiery 1
find 2
finished 1
fire 31
first 2
five 1
fixed 2
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33 from
33 into
33 it
31 fire
30 god
29 who
28 is

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| has been prepared for him fire unquenchable, Gehenna without 2 Text| and there shall be to them fire in superabundance, preparing 3 Text| shall bake their bread with fire; and they shall see each 4 Text| departure from thy body through fire is at hand, and the crown 5 Text| endeavoured to put him to death by fire. And on that night in which 6 Text| shall burn you alive with fire; and the punishment which 7 Text| and having blazed up like fire, gave orders to send other 8 Text| boy, holding a torch of fire, ran to meet them, burning 9 Text| even if thou shall apply fire to him, to him the fire 10 Text| fire to him, to him the fire will be dew; and if thou 11 Text| but I go away into the fire everlasting.~Then the king, 12 Text| resolved to put him to death by fire. And he commanded several 13 Text| proclaims delivers from fire those who believe in him. 14 Text| brushwood above. Thus apply the fire to him; and if any of the 15 Text| had been bid, applied the fire. And they indeed laboured 16 Text| it all round; but all the fire was changed into dew, so 17 Text| preserves His own apostle in the fire. And by the voice the city 18 Text| vengeance, have kindled the fire; but the sorcerer by a certain 19 Text| surrounding him play with the fire, and walking in it with 20 Text| multitude to carry coals of fire from the furnace of the 21 Text| even somehow bewitch the fire from the furnace of the 22 Text| his gods, or bewitch the fire. And when they came near 23 Text| thrown on, and to kindle the fire at all points.~And Matthew, 24 Text| they worship; and let the fire also pursue the king even 25 Text| converted. And when he saw the fire to be monstrous in height, 26 Text| wonder appeared; for all the fire along with the wood went 27 Text| nor stolen. ~And when the fire had thus utterly destroyed 28 Text| stranger wonder. For the fire, in the likeness of a great 29 Text| the king, chased by the fire, and not allowed to go into 30 Text| Matthew, having rebuked the fire, and the flames having been 31 Text| his tunic unstained by the fire; and sometimes they saw

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