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  • TITLE 7 Eparchies and Bishops
    • 278
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Canon 278

1. Besides the powers and faculties bestowed upon him by particular law it is the right and obligation of the protopresbyter

to: (1) coordinate and promote common pastoral action; (2) see

to it that clerics lead a life in harmony with their own state

and that they diligently fulfill their obligations; (3) see to

it that the Divine Liturgy and the divine praises are celebrated

according to the prescriptions of the liturgical books, that the

good appearance and condition of the churches and sacred furnishings are carefully maintained especially in the celebration of

the Divine Liturgy and custody of the Divine Eucharist, that ecclesiastical goods are carefully administered and, finally, that

the parish house is properly cared for. 2. In the district

entrusted to him the protopresbyter: (1) is to see that clerics

attend meetings which the local hierarch judges appropriate for

promoting the sacred sciences and pastoral affairs; (2) is to

take care that clerics have ready access to spiritual helps, and

be particularly concerned about those who are found in more difficult circumstances or are beset with problems. 3. The protopresbyter is to take care that the pastors and their families,

if they are married, whom he knows to be seriously ill, do not

lack spiritual and material assistance and that the funerals of

those who have died are celebrated with dignity. He is also to

provide that when they are sick or have died the books, documents, sacred furnishings and other things which pertain to the

Church are not lost or removed. 4. The protopresbyter is bound

by the obligation of visiting the parishes according to the determination made by the eparchial bishop.

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