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  • TITLE 10 Clerics
    • 346
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Canon 346

1. Those aspiring to the sacred ministry are to be formed so

that in the Holy Spirit, as a familiar companion, they might

dwell with Christ and to seek God in all things, so that, impelled by the love of Christ, the Pastor, by the gift of their

lives, they become solicitous to gain all people for the kingdom

of God. 2. They ought to draw daily from the word of God and

especially from the sacraments, to receive the power for their

spiritual lives and strength for apostolic labor: (1) alert to

the word of God, in constant meditation, and according to the

example of the fathers of the faith, students are to train for a

life more configured to the life of Christ, and, strengthened in

faith, hope and charity, to strive to live according to the pattern given in the Gospel; (2) they are to participate assiduously in the Divine Liturgy, which shines forth as the font and culmination of seminary life as it is of the whole of the Christian

life; (3) they ought to learn to celebrate continually the

divine praises according to their own rite and to nourish their

spiritual life from them; (4) they ought to learn especially by

means of spiritual direction to open rightly their consciences

and receive the sacrament of penance frequently; (5) they ought

to pursue a filial piety to Holy Mary ever Virgin, Mother of God,

whom Christ established as mother of all people; (6) they ought

also to foster exercises of piety which are conducive to a spirit

of prayer and to the strength and defense of an apostolic vocation, especially by those things which are commended by the venerable tradition of their own Church sui iuris; further, spiritual retreat, instruction concerning the sacred ministries and

exhortations in the way of the spirit are recommended; (7) students are to be educated according to the mind of the Church and

its service as well as to the virtue of obedience and mutual cooperation with their brothers; (8) they are to be helped also

with those other virtues, which especially apply to their vocation, such as discretion of spirit, chastity, fortitude of the

soul; they are also to esteem and cultivate those virtues which

are found among most of humanity and enhance the ministry of

Christ, among which are sincerity of heart, diligent concern for

justice, the spirit of poverty, fidelity to promises, courtesy in

acting, speaking modestly joined with charity. 3. The disciplinary norms of the seminary are to be applied according to the

maturity of the students so that, while they learn more to discipline themselves by degrees, they may be trained to use freedom

wisely and to act unaided and diligently.

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