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  • TITLE 12 Monks and Other Religious as well as Members of Other Institutes of Consecrated Life
    • 414
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Canon 414

1. With respect to monasteries and congregations of eparchial

right, it pertains to the eparchial bishop: (1) to approve typicon of monasteries and statutes of congregations, and to approve

changes introduced into them in accordance with the norm of law,

except those which had been approved by a higher authority; (2)

to grant dispensations that exceed the power of the religious

superiors from the same typicon or statutes, when lawfully requested from him, in single cases and for individual occasions

only; (3) to make a visitation of monasteries, including dependent ones, as well as of each house of congregations located in

his territory, whenever he conducts a canonical visitation there

as well as when truly special reasons require it according to his

judgment. 2. These rights pertain to the patriarch with respect to orders and congregations of patriarchal right which have

their headquarters within the territorial boundaries of the

Church over which he presides; otherwise the same rights with

respect to all orders, as well as to monasteries and congregations which are not of eparchial right, belong to the Apostolic

See alone. 3. When a congregation of eparchial right has extended itself to other eparchies, nothing can validly be changed

in the statutes, except by the consent of the eparchial bishop of

the eparchy where the principal house is located, however, after

consultation with the eparchial bishops in whose eparchies the

other houses are located.

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