Multilingual HYpertextual Thesaurus for Healthcare
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You see here a simplified presentation of material from the draft document For Formal Vote (FFV) of the European Prestandard:

Health Informatics
Electronic Healthcare Record Communication

part 2: Domain Termlist
document CEN/TC251/PT27 N37, version 0.41 of 1999-04-15

This thesaurus is intended to provide descriptors and combinatorial rules for the systematic representation of names of the original contributions (e.g. document types) and headed sections listed in local coding systems.
The thesaurus could be used for development and maintenance of these coding systems, as well as for comparison among coding systems or between a coding system and a Reference Information Model.
No assumption is made wheter the local coding systems are presented to their users as combinatorial systems or simple lists, and about their use in local record systems or messages.

NOTE: The content of these pages is derived from the list of archetypes and the list of fine-grained descriptors of Annex D of the draft FFV
The content must be considered as a reference to produce local thesauri and to produce documentation about coding systems and their use in EHCR systems, according to the approach of CEN/TC251/WG II.
The document is still evolving and has not yet the status of European Prestandard.
After the approval, a period of validation of two years is envisaged.
The adoption of the final European Standard -- taking into account all the improvements from the field use of the Prestandard -- is planned for the year 2003.
Please send comments and proposals for improvements to the Project Leader, A.Rossi Mori
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