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 1     I        |              I. Marcion's teaching; the heavens of the stranger ~
 2    II        |           II. Bardaisan's teaching; what supports his Entities
 3    II,      4|  which are foreign to the teaching of the Prophets and Apostles,
 4   III        |               III. Mani's Teaching; he placed the Light World
 5   III,      2|  who concocted for them a Teaching which is put to confusion
 6   III,      7|  have introduced confused Teaching . . . For it is found that [
 7   III,      9|   perversely proclaim the Teaching  -- but here [we have correctly
 8   III,     10|   come to an end all that Teaching which says that it (i.e.,
 9   III,     10| this manner it (i.e., the Teaching) says that it has a body,
10   III,     17| as the beginning of their Teaching says, how is it the cause
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