Part,  Paragraph

1    II,      2|     question in reply to which a true argument should be offered.
2    II,      4|      between his Error and their true Knowledge?~
3   III        |         opposed Mani also with a true refutation. For he, too,
4   III,      7|        the Darkness, has not the true (opinion) perished from
5   III,      8|     swallowed to-day. Since that true saying demands that natures
6   III,      8|        name those Entities whose true nature it cannot declare.
7   III,      9| proclaimed preposterously, or on true evidence, whereof the correctness
8   III,     14|        thither. And how are they true natures, those natures which
9   III,     15|       the needy, in its heart is true faith, and in its . . .
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