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[No Author]

Bhagwad Gita
Erwin Arnold: Bhagwad Gita translation (poetic rendering)
[-04 - -03 sec.]
English - ENG0045

Hymns of the Atharva-Veda
With extracts from the Ritual Books and the commentaries translated by Maurice Bloomfield
[-10 sec.]
English - ENG0042

Hymns of the Samaveda
Translated with a Popular Commentary - Ralph T.H. Griffith 1895
English - ENG0040

Laws of manu (The)
George Bühler Translation
English - ENG0162

Rig Veda (The)
Ralph T.H. Griffith, translator 1889
English - ENG0039

Rig Veda (The)
ITRANS transcription in Sanskrit
Sanskrit (Translit.) - SAN0010

Upanishads (The)
Translated by F. Max Müller
[-07 - -04 sec.]
English - ENG0070

vedic reader (A)
English - ENG0225

Yajur Veda (The)
(Taittiriya Sanhita) Translation Prose and Verse by Arthur Berriedale
English - ENG0043

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (The)
The Threads of Union Translation by Bongiovanni
English - ENG0210

Caitanya Mahaprabhu

Brahma Sahmita
Divine Instructions
[15-16 sec.]
English - ENG0196

Sri Siksastaka
Divine Instructions
[15-16 sec.]
English - ENG0197

Jayaditya & Vamana

[17 sec.]
Sanskrit (Translit.) - SAN0012


[- 140 - -120]
Sanskrit (Translit.) - SAN0011

Tagore, Rabindranath

Song Offerings A collection of prose translations made by the author from the original Bengali with an introduction by W. B. Yeats to William Rothenstein
[19-20 sec.]
English - ENG0230

Vaisnava Songs

Vaisnava Songs
Hyms and Mantras for the glorification of Radha and Krishna
English - ENG0173


Condensed into english verse by Romesh C. Dutt (1899) Epic of Rama, Prince of India
English - ENG0174


Condensed into english verse by Romesh C. Dutt (1899) The Epic of the Bharatas
English - ENG0175

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