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[No Author]

Canons of the seventh ecumenical councils
English - ENG0835

christianisation of Russia (988) (The)
English - ENG0151

Concerning the question of the situation of the modern Church
(A Conversation with St. Philaret's student Elena Narinskaja and church historian Vera Mihailovna Eremina, of the Trinity-Sergiev Lavra [Monastery])
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0114

Domostroi (mid-16th century) (excerpts from the)
[16 sec. (metà)]
English - ENG0128

Eutanasia - tekstiä eettisiin pohdintoihin
Suomi - FIN0014

I believe
A Short Exposition of Orthodox Doctrine
English - ENG0093

life, acts, and miracles of our revered and holy father Abbot Sergius (The)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0157

Professori, diakoni Jukka Korpelan Tampereen ortodoksisen kirkon 100-vuotisjuhlassa pidetty juhlapuhe 6.11.1999
Suomi - FIN0015

Suomalaiset Teologiset Oppineuvottelut Joensuussa 1999
Suomi - FIN0012

Sveti srpski novomucenici
Srpski - SCC0004

[Various Authors]
AA.VV.   Auctores varii   Autores varios   Autori vari   Divers Auteurs   Èulogos IntraText: free demo - dimostrazione gratuita   Verschiedene Autoren  

La enseñanzas de los Santos Padres
Español - ESL0421

From the sermons by Fr. Vitali Borovoi, Archimandrite Sergi (Saveliev) and Fr. Georgi Kochetkov
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0115

[Auctor incertus]
Auctores incerti   Autore incerto  

Racconti di un pellegrino russo
[1853-1862 ?]
Italiano - ITA2231

An Agreed Statement of the North American Orthodox-Catholic Theological Consultation

Baptism and "Sacramental economy"
English - ENG0684

Andreyev, Ivan M.

Orthodox apologetic theology
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0809

Azkoul, Michael

Orthodoxy and the transcendence of religion: a comment
Orthodoxy and the transcendence of religion: a comment
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0683

Bartholomeos I, His All-Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch
Bartholomew of Constantinople  

Address to Archbishop Spyridon during the "Lesser Mandate" given in the Synod Chamber
Phanar, July 30, 1996
English - ENG0587

Address to the Conference on peace and tolerance
Istanbul, Turkey, February 8th, 1994
English - ENG0608

Catechetical homily on the beginning of Holy and Great Lent, 2000 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Cheese fair Sunday
(Kyriake tes Tyrines)
English - ENG1139

Christ is on earth, be exalted! [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Christ is risen! - Holy Pascha, 2003
English - ENG1138

Christ is risen! 1999 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Christmas, 2002
English - ENG1140

English - ENG0121

Enthronement address of His All-Holiness Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and ecumenical Patriarch
English - ENG0603

Feast Of St. John Chrysostom, 1998 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Feast of the Nativity (Birth) of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, 1996 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Greetings of His All Holiness upon his arrival in Ottawa
May 25, 1998
English - ENG0581

His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew participates in celebrations marking 1700th anniversary of official recognition of Armenian Apostolic Church
English - ENG0607

Holy Pascha, 2002
English - ENG1142

Homily at the service of vespers in the holy temple of St-George – Vancouver
May 26, 1998
English - ENG0586

Homily in the Church of the Virgin Mary at Neohorion on the Bosphorus
English - ENG0604

Mnemosyne and the children of memory
British Museum, London
English - ENG0605

Moral dilemmas of globalisation
Address given by All Holiness the Ecumenical Patriarch BARTHOLOMEW at the 1999 Annual Davos meeting of the World Economic Forum
English - ENG0181

Orthodox in Estonia (The)
On May 29, 1995 His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew (Constantinople) gave an address to the Estonian Orthodox faithful during a visit to Finland.
English - ENG0588

Our environment
English - ENG1141

Paschal message to the blessed orthodox youth of America
English - ENG0590

Patriarchal and Synodical Encyclical on the Sunday of Orthodoxy year of Salvation 2000 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal catechetical homily on the occasion of Holy and Great Lent, 1999 (The) [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal Encyclical for Holy and Great Lent, 1997 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal Paschal Encyclical – 1995
English - ENG0589

Patriarchal proclamation on Holy Pascha 1998 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal proclamation on Holy Pascha 2001
English - ENG0176

Patriarchal proclamation on Holy Pascha, 2000 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal proclamation on the Nativity of Christ, 1997 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal proclamation on the Nativity of Christ, 1998 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Patriarchal proclamation on the Nativity of Christ, 1999 [in Encyclicals]
English - in ENG0121

Remarks upon arrival at the Vancouver airport
May 26, 1998
English - ENG0585

Sermon at the doxology upon his arrival at the Koimisis Church in Ottawa
May 25, 1998
English - ENG0582

Statement for the forthcoming United Nations Durban World Conference against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance
At the Phanar, March 17, 2001
English - ENG0606

Behr-Sigel, E.

Reflexions sur l'Iconostase
à propos de Martin Winkler "Les Jours de Fêtes" Collection "Le Monde des Icones". Ed. Ides et Calendes, Neuchatel (Suisse)
[20 sec.]
Français - FRA0311

Beneker, Jeff

Scriptural evidence for the sacred nature of baptism, chrismation and communion
English - ENG0439

Benevitch, Gregory

Jewish question in the Russian Orthodox Church (The)
English - ENG0443

Christou, Panayiotis

Maximos Confessor on the infinity of man
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0682

Monastic life in the eastern orthodox Church (The)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0689

Who sent Cyril and Methodius into Central Europe, the emperor or the patriarch?
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0690

Commissione mista internazionale per il dialogo teologico cattolico-ortodosso

Uniatizmus, metóda zjednotenia v minulosti, a súcasné hladanie plnej jednoty
Balamandské vyhlásenie
Slovencina - SLK0047

Cosmas of Aetolia: Saint

Love your neighbor
[1714 - 1779 [nm]]
English - ENG0442

Ellison, H.L.

Old Testament prophets - men spake from God (The)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0820

Florin Florea

Simbolul si Icoana
Româna - RUM0003

Giovanni Crisostomo e Basilio il Grande

Officio della Presentazione dei doni
Protesi - Proskomidia
[04 sec.]
Italiano - ITA0017

Goodspeed, Edgar J.

history of early christian literature (A)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0833

Gregory Palamas: Saint

Homily on the Dormition of our supremely pure Lady Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary (A)
[14 sec.]
English - ENG0440

Hakkarainen, Jarmo

Venäjän ortodoksinen kirkko ja kommunismin perintö
Suomi - FIN0016

Hilarion, Metropolitan

sermon of the law of Moses given to him by God, and of the grace and truth brought to earth by Jesus Christ (The)
English - ENG0153

Ierodiacon Savatie (Bastovoi)
Ierodiacon Savatie (Bastovoi)  

Omul - chip al lui Dumnezeu si chip al animalului
[20 sec.?]
Româna - RUM0057

Informativna sluzba Srpske Pravoslavne Crkve

Medjuverska Konferencija u Briselu
Srpski - SCC0002

Innokenty Bishop of Alaska: Saint

way into the Kingdom of Heaven (The)
English - ENG0096

Ioannes Damascenus: Sanctus

Barlaam and Ioasaph
An edifying story from the inner land of the ethiopians, called the land of the indians, thence brought to the holy city, by John the monk (an honourable man and a virtuous, of the Monastery of Saint Sabas); wherein are the lives of the famous and blessed Barlaam and Ioasaph.
[676 ca -749 ca [nm]]
English - ENG1192

Ioann (Sergiev) of Kronstadt

Mystery of Lovingkindness (The)
A sermon for the day of Christ's Nativity
English - ENG0020

Jinga, Constantin

Biblia si sacrul în literaturã
[1969 (TPQ)]
Româna - RUM0004

Johannes, Arkkipiispa

Ortodoksisen perinteen terveysohjeet
[20 sec.]
Suomi - FIN0013

Jurcan, Emil

Familie si sex în feminismul teologic contemporan
Româna - RUM0005

Justin, Archimandrite

Condemned to immortality
A meditation on the Resurrection
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0171

Kovacevich, Steven

Apostolic Christianity and the 23,000 Western Churches
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0803

Krapovitsky, Anthony, Metropolitan

A series of lectures on the mystery of Repentance
English - ENG0834

Leo, Helsingin metropoliitta

Eettiset kysymykset - biotuotteetko luomistyon kehittamista vai vesittamista?
Puheenvuoro UKK-seminaarissa Pielavedella
Suomi - FIN0018

Marco d'Efeso: Santo

Lettera enciclica
a tutti i cristiani ortodossi della terra e delle isole
Italiano - ITA0018

Meletios, Ecumenical Patriarch

Tomos-asiakirja säätelee suhteet ekumeeniseen patriarkaattiin
Suomi - FIN0020

Metropolitan Philaret (Voskresensky)

On the Law of God
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0094

Metropolitan Sotirios, Archbishop

Opening remarks at the banquet welcoming His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew I to Canada
Ottawa, Ontario - May 25, 1998
English - ENG0583

Orthodox Catechism
Basic Teachings of the Orthodox Faith
English - ENG0122

Remarks welcoming His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew I to Vancouver, B.C.
May 26, 1998
English - ENG0584

Mileant, Alexander, Bishop

Toward understanding the Bible
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0810

Mileusnic, Slobodan

Chiese serbe nel Kosovo e nella Metohija (Le)
Il conflitto nel Kosovo e la catastrofe che ne consegue alla nostra cultura
Italiano - ITA0836

Duhovni genocid
Pregled porusenih, ostecenih i obesvecenih crkava, manastira i drugih crkvenih objekata u ratu 1991–1995 (1997)
Srpski - SCC0003

Spiritual genocide
A survey of destroyed, damaged and desecrated churches, monasteries and other church buildings during the war 1991–1995 (1997)
English - ENG0437

Moutsoulas, Elias D.

Theologie der Ikone (Die)
[20 sec.]
Deutsch - DEU0188


martyrdom of Boris and Gleb (The)
[12 sec.]
English - ENG0126

Paisios, Elder

[20 sec.]
English - ENG0123

Papadopoulos, Stylianos G.

Beitrag zur Theologie der Einheit
Zum Dekret über den Oekumenismus
[20 sec.]
Deutsch - DEU0189

Paprocki, Henryk

Granice Kosciola
[20 sec.]
Polski - POL0045

Pavle, Patrijarh srpski

Mir Boziji – Hristos se Rodi!
Srpska Pravoslavna Crkva vojoj Duhovnoj Deci Bozicu 2001. Godine
Srpski - SCC0001

Pomazansky, Michael, Protopresbyter

Orthodox dogmatic theology
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0824

Popovich, Archimandrite Justin

Whither does humanistic culture lead?
[1894 - 1979 [nm]]
English - ENG0021

Ranson P.; Terestchenko M.; Motte L.

Storia dello scisma Oriente - Occidente
Italiano - ITA0022

Schader, Erwin

Geistinnerlichkeit als Trinitätsanalogie
Eine konstruktive Kritik neuzeitlicher Subjektozentrik im Lichte der Augustinischen Selbstvergewisserung
[20 sec.]
Deutsch - DEU0190

Schmemann, Alexander

Concerning women's ordination
A Letter to an Episcopal Friend
English - ENG0591

Sunday of Orthodoxy
[1921 - 1983 [nm]]
English - ENG0592

What is a Parish?
[1921 - 1983 [nm]]
English - ENG0438

Sergius, Archimandrite

Christianity and Orthodoxy
English - ENG0095

Skobtsova, Mother Maria

Types of religious lives
English - ENG0113

Sokolof, D., Archpriest

manual of Divine services (A)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0827

St. Tikhon's Monastery

These truths we hold
The Holy Orthodox Church: her life and teaching
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0805

Stylianopoulos, Theodore G., Fr.

Gospel, spirituality and renewal in orthodoxy
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0823

Stylianos, Archbishop

"Lamb" and "Bridegroom" (The)
English - ENG0412

"partial" and the "whole" in the dialectic of the Divine Economy (The)
English - ENG0401

Angel of Satan
English - ENG0184

Apostle Peter and Orthodox conscience (The)
English - ENG0403

Christ and antichrist
[1935 (TPQ)]
English - ENG0188

Christmas Message 1997
English - ENG2166

Christmas Message 1998
English - ENG2158

Christmas Message 1999
English - ENG2162

Christmas Message 2000
English - ENG2160

Christmas Message 2002
English - ENG2156

Christmas Message 2003
English - ENG2154

Christmas Message 2004
English - ENG2152

Christmas message, 2001
English - ENG0423

Dogma and authority in the Church
[1935 (TPQ)]
English - ENG0405

Easter Message 2000
English - ENG2161

Easter Message 2001
English - ENG2159

Easter Message 2002
English - ENG2157

Easter Message 2003
English - ENG2155

Easter Message 2004
English - ENG2153

Easter Message 2005
English - ENG2151

Family - an Orthodox Christian perspective
[1935 (TPQ)]
English - ENG0409

Fishers of men
English - ENG0417

Gift of leadership (The)
English - ENG0422

Great Paracletic Canon of Blessed Emperor Theodoros Laskaris II (The)
English - ENG0400

How we evaluate the dead - the person and their work
(in memory of the late friend and coworker Spyros Psomas)
English - ENG0182

Message for the Easter period 1997
English - ENG2165

Message for the Easter period 1998
English - ENG2164

Message for the Easter period 1999
English - ENG2163

Mystery of Prosopon (Person) and Human Adventure (The)
English - ENG0406

Mystery of the Virgin Mary (The)
[1935 (TPQ)]
English - ENG0407

On abortion
English - ENG0183

On the occasion of the salutations to the Holy Mother of God
English - ENG0402

Parameters of the miracle
English - ENG0418

Powers and principalities
(the rulers)
[1935 (TPQ)]
English - ENG0404

Prayer and fasting
English - ENG0186

Responsibility in journalism
English - ENG0414

Saturday, the day of souls
English - ENG0410

Slaves and the liberated
English - ENG0421

St. Thomas and the Truth
English - ENG0420

theologian in modern society (The)
(Phronema and Behaviour)
English - ENG0408

Those brave in God
English - ENG2167

Triple straddle (A)
English - ENG0185

Two pre-eminent confessors (The)
English - ENG0411

Two types of faithlessness
English - ENG0416

Unprecedented mutuality
English - ENG0419

Unrivalled crime (An)
English - ENG0187

Variation in professions (The)
English - ENG0415

”Being” and “non-being” in Christ
English - ENG0413

Tauchev, Averky, Archbishop

explanation of the four Gospels (The)
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0819

Ustav K., Ülempreester

Millal Koibab Kord Hommik
[20 sec.]
Eesti keel - EST0002

Vasiliev, A.A.

History of the Byzantine empire
[20 sec.]
English - ENG0832

Ware, Kallistos, Bishop

Orthodox Church
English - ENG0804

Yiannaras, Christos

Orthodoxy and the West in Modern Greece
[20 sec.]
Elliniká, modern (Translit.) - ELL0011

Fontes medii aevi

[No Author]

Caesaropapism? Theodore Balsamon on the Powers of the Patriarch of Constantinople
English - ENG0433

Code of Law of 1649 (Ulozhenie)
English - ENG0127

founding of the City of Kiev (The)
English - ENG0150

lay of Igor's raid (The)
English - ENG0156

Novgorod Chronicle: selected annals (The)
[1016 - 1445]
English - ENG0147

Prince Oleg's campaign against Constantinople
English - ENG0154

Privileges granted to german merchants at Novgorod, 1229
English - ENG0148

Ruskaia Pravda
The Short Version
English - ENG0149

Varangians (Normans) and the origins of the Russian and Ukrainian states (The)
English - ENG0152


Moscow the third Rome (excerpts)
[15 sec.]
English - ENG0130

Kurbskii, Prince Andrew

First epistle written to the Tsar and Grand Prince of Moscow in consequence of His Fierce persecution
English - ENG0129

Monomakh, Vladimir

[11-12 sec.]
English - ENG0155


Chronicle (The)
[12 sec.]
English - ENG0125

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