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Opera omnia and holy books. Christian and others.
Custom libraries of catholic religious institutes.
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Latin literature, patristics and modern works.
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Un punto di riferimento affidabile e costantemente aggiornato per la lingua e la cultura italiane.
  Catalogo di letteratura, catalogo dei testi in italiano


Texts and corpora from linguistics and terminology.
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Some minor but growing collections:
  Deutsche Literatur
  Letërsia shqiptare
  Lietuvių literatūra
  Literatura catalana
  Literatura española
  Literatura polska
  Littérature française
  Magyar Irodalom
  Slovenská literatúra (Slovak)
  Slovenska literatura (Slovenian)
  International Law: human and linguistic rights

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Bíblia Sagrada - Edição Pastoral Bíblia Sagrada -
Edição Pastoral.
Colaboração com a Pia Sociedade de S.Paulo

Opera Omnia
and collected works

In IntraText collections
the whole author is represented as
a whole hypertext with global lists and concordances.
IntraText collections are available for several authors in:
- Bibliotheca Latina
- Biblioteca italiana
- Bibliotheca religiosa


- Clinical Terminology
    Archetypes of situations for clinical
    info from CEN/TC251/PT27.

- L'italiano come L2 in India
    Temi di esercitazione. Tanya Roy

- Lessico delle chat-line italiane

- Nursing terminology
    HHCC, NANDA, NIC93, NIC96,
    NOC, Omaha S., PCDS.

- Surgical procedures
    Terminology from "GALEN in use"
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Opera Omnia

Quality on-line / CD editions: design, editorship, philological and linguistic expertise, text collecting. Ad-hoc solutions for religious and research institutes.

Computational philology

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