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IntraText Self-server

IntraText Self-server is a free service.
It allows you to create the IntraText from a text (max 32 Kbytes) you send as attachment via e-mail.
Within few minutes you will receive via e-mail the resulting IntraText.
The text you send will NOT be published: the IntraText we send is the only output. After elaboration both text and IntraText are deleted from our servers.

How to use the IntraText self-server, step by step
  1. choose a text.
    (for the free service, the IntraText Self-server truncates files longer than 32 Kbytes).
    Allowed languages are: DEU, ENG, ESL, FIN, FRA, ITA, LAT, POR, SQI (see the ISO Language codes).

  2. save it as text-only file, ANSI coded.
    Almost all text-editors have a "save as" function allowing text-only ANSI file type.
    IntraText server reads HTML files too, but only TXT ANSI files having .TXT extension are allowed for the free service.

  3. send it to as file attachment (it is a free service).
    WARNING: Self-server ignores any text in the message body and any attachment having extension different from ".TXT"

  4. within few seconds you will receive the answer (within minutes in traffic peaks).
    Once received your message, one of the IntraText servers will create your IntraText.
    Then it will send to your address (the "sender" or "from" field of the message you sent) a message containing a ZIP file as attachment. The ZIP file has length between 80K and 1100K, depending on length of the text you send.

  5. unZIP the file sent by the server and open the file "_INDEX.HTM".
WARNING: the IntraText self-server can read ETML tags (Eulogos Text Markup Language), allowing you to set parameters like interface language, text language, text structure, concordance references and more.
If the text you send does not contain ETML tags, the IntraText self-server will produce a standard IntraText having interface in english, no text structure and standard concordance references.
If you are interested in ETML please contact us:

The IntraText produced by the Self-server is for demonstrative use.
You can publish and distribute it only as a set containing all files included in the ZIP file you receive.
If you are interested in a professional use please write us:

IntraText® - © 1996-2000 Èulogos
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