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kindle 1
kindled 1
kindling 1
king 54
kingdom 4
kissed 1
knees 1
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70 having
64 a
60 i
54 king
53 his
52 that
50 be

Acts and Martyrdom of St. Matthew the Apostle

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1 Text| Fulvana the wife of the king, and his son Fulvanus and 2 Text| raise up against thee the king of this city, and he will 3 Text| there remained also the king's wife, and his son and 4 Text| reported in the palace, the king Fulvanus, having learned 5 Text| that night in which the king intended to lay hands on 6 Text| declared it to me, that the king of this city is going to 7 Text| believed in Him.~And the king, plotting against the blessed 8 Text| had come forth from the king's wife, and his son, and 9 Text| soldier, stood before the king, and said to him: O king, 10 Text| king, and said to him: O king, why art thou thus put to 11 Text| pleasing in thine eyes.~The king having heard this, and being 12 Text| been thus threatened by the king, go in arms to where the 13 Text| having come, they said to the king: We pray thee, O king, we 14 Text| the king: We pray thee, O king, we went and found no one, 15 Text| persons talking. And the king, being enraged, and having 16 Text| them, fled, and came to the king, being speechless.~And the 17 Text| had before appeared to the king in the from of a soldier, 18 Text| soldier, stood before the king, and said to him: Thou seest, 19 Text| said to him: Thou seest, O king, this stranger has bewitched 20 Text| thou shall take him. The king says to him: Tell me first 21 Text| by an angel, says to the king: Since thou wishest to hear 22 Text| accurately about him, O king, I will tell thee all the 23 Text| that live alone. Behold, O king, I have told thee all the 24 Text| thee all the truth. The king therefore says to the pretended 25 Text| proclaimed through him.~The king says to him: And who art 26 Text| the church. And I know, O king, that thou also after this 27 Text| wilt believe in him. The king says to him: Whoever thou 28 Text| fire everlasting.~Then the king, affected with great fear 29 Text| church.~And they say to the king: Behold Matthew in the gate! 30 Text| instantly.~And straightway the king, laying hold of the apostle, 31 Text| gone forth, said to the king: We indeed, O king, by every 32 Text| to the king: We indeed, O king, by every contrivance of 33 Text| gods, brought them. And the king accompanied them, watching 34 Text| the fire also pursue the king even to his palace, but 35 Text| monstrous in height, the king, thinking that Matthew was 36 Text| was any more seen; and the king fled, and said: Woe's me, 37 Text| hither and thither round the king, not letting him go into 38 Text| into the palace. And the king, chased by the fire, and 39 Text| the sixth hour.~Then the king, having ordered more soldiers 40 Text| multitude, so that both the king and the soldiers, with the 41 Text| away to heaven.~And the king stood at the gate of the 42 Text| offering for Matthew.~And the king having seen these things 43 Text| bishop first gave them to the king, saying: Let this body of 44 Text| apostle appeared and said: King Fulvanus, thy name shall 45 Text| And thou, the son of the king, shall no longer be called 46 Text| Ziphagia, the wife of the king, shall be called Sophia; 47 Text| hour Matthew appointed the king a presbyter, and he was 48 Text| thirty-seven years old; and the king's son he appointed deacon, 49 Text| seventeen years old; and the king's wife he appointed a presbyteress; 50 Text| time everlasting.~Then the king, having awakened out of 51 Text| Matthew, praised God.~And the king, having gone into his palace, 52 Text| his kingdom, writing thus: King Matthew, to all those under 53 Text| to ages of ages. And the king himself, whom after my own 54 Text| rested in the Lord. And King Matthew succeeded him, having

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